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Best summer destinations in Jyväskylä

Summer experience in Jyväskylä won’t leave anyone cold! Whether you are up to easy going evenings enjoying sun sets or fast paced summer day, there are plenty of activities for you.

City’s shared living room next to Jyväsjärvi

“We have the most experiential port of Finland in Lutakko.

Ihmisiä viettämässä kesäpäivää Jyväskylän sataman nurmikolla

Emma Luukkala

June 22nd - September 5th, 2021 Gallery

In Emma Luukkala’s cheerful work of daily clutter, the flow of household objects and people’s relationship to these things is revealed.  Materiality is the core of Luukkala’s work – the three dimensionality of her paintings plays with thick layers of paint and object-like painting surfaces. Repetitive flat and three dimensional juxtapositions give a tangible texture to her work. Luukkala mixes most of her own paints and painting materials to create different kinds of surfaces and textures.

taidemuseo, eisaakäyttääilmanlupaa

Renovation of chimney of the old Kangas paper mill kicked off

The chimney of the old paper mill in Kangas neighbourhood was damaged and will be repaired during summer and autumn.

The work commenced on 16 June. According to the initial plan, the work will be finished at the end of October 2021. 

Jyväskylän Kangas
Kankaan asuinalue ilmasta kuvattuna

Linkki local traffic services during midsummer 2021

Midsummer holidays change the schedules and routes of Linkki local traffic.
  • Thu 24.6., Linkki buses operating normally
  • Fri 25.6., Saturday shifts run until 1 p.m.
public transportation
Valokuva Nikolainkulman julkisivusta ja kuvituksesta

Progress report complete on the Resource Wise Jyväskylä 2040 program

The progress report gives an overview of the state of resource wisdom and the measures taken to promote it in Jyväskylä in 2020. Apart from progress monitoring, several of the most important resource wisdom decisions taken last year are highlighted. The City’s Resource Wisdom Team reports on the progress of the program annually. The City of Jyväskylä is committed to achieving the goals of resource wisdom – zero emissions, zero waste, and zero overconsumption – by 2040, with carbon neutrality by 2030 .

The Resource Wise Jyväskylä 2040 program is a compilation of the City’s key programs, roadmaps, and commitments that pertain to sustainable develop

resource wisdom
Aurinkoenergiaa kerätään talon katolle asennetuilla aurinkopaneeleilla.

Suburban programme 2020-2022 - Wellbeing and Vitality for Huhtasuo

Suburban programme 2020-2022 is a programme stipulated by the Government and coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment, involving the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry of the Interior as well as the Ministry of Justice 

The aim of the programme is the comprehensive and long-term positive development of suburb residential areas which will bring wellbeing to the residents and vitality to the areas. 

Kerrostaloja Huhtasuon alueella