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Progress report complete on the Resource Wise Jyväskylä 2040 program

The progress report gives an overview of the state of resource wisdom and the measures taken to promote it in Jyväskylä in 2020. Apart from progress monitoring, several of the most important resource wisdom decisions taken last year are highlighted. The City’s Resource Wisdom Team reports on the progress of the program annually. The City of Jyväskylä is committed to achieving the goals of resource wisdom – zero emissions, zero waste, and zero overconsumption – by 2040, with carbon neutrality by 2030 .

The Resource Wise Jyväskylä 2040 program is a compilation of the City’s key programs, roadmaps, and commitments that pertain to sustainable develop

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Aurinkoenergiaa kerätään talon katolle asennetuilla aurinkopaneeleilla.

Jyväskylä abolishes remaining coronavirus restrictions and recommendations in its services – recommendation to wear a face mask remains in force

The number of coronavirus infections in Jyväskylä has remained stable. Last week, 12 new infections were detected, the same as the 12 infections over the previous week. In Week 19, 8 infections were detected. The incidence rate in the city is now 15.6 cases per 100,000 population.

The city’s Emergency Management Team has reviewed the national government’s amendments to the hybrid strategy to curb the spread of the coronavirus

Kasvomaskit kuivumassa pyykkinarulla

‘The park has a small pond, over which brave children may slide on a zip wire’ – Children participated in city planning in Pupuhuhta

In March the children of the Kangasvuori daycare school participated in planning their own neighbourhood. They had been given the task of brainstorming the surroundings of Pupumuori, a large concrete statue, for example by writing, drawing, illustrating or even making scale models. The outputs will be utilized in the actual park planning.

The children became acquainted with the planning of the park in their own daily lives.

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Lasten tekemä pienoismalli puistosuunnitelmasta

Income limits in early childhood education and care will be raised as of 1st of August 2021, client fees applying to many children are to be reduced

Adjustments to income limits laid down by the Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care will enter into force on as of 1st of August 2021. At the meeting on the 28th of April 2021, the Education Committee of the City of Jyväskylä made a decision on the adjusted client fees based on this Act.

The income limits on which the client fees are based will be raised by 31%.

Savulahden päiväkodin leikkihuone leluineen