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Suburban programme 2020-2022 - Wellbeing and Vitality for Huhtasuo

Suburban programme 2020-2022 is a programme stipulated by the Government and coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment, involving the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry of the Interior as well as the Ministry of Justice 

The aim of the programme is the comprehensive and long-term positive development of suburb residential areas which will bring wellbeing to the residents and vitality to the areas. 

Kerrostaloja Huhtasuon alueella

‘The park has a small pond, over which brave children may slide on a zip wire’ – Children participated in city planning in Pupuhuhta

In March the children of the Kangasvuori daycare school participated in planning their own neighbourhood. They had been given the task of brainstorming the surroundings of Pupumuori, a large concrete statue, for example by writing, drawing, illustrating or even making scale models. The outputs will be utilized in the actual park planning.

The children became acquainted with the planning of the park in their own daily lives.

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Lasten tekemä pienoismalli puistosuunnitelmasta