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Renovation of chimney of the old Kangas paper mill kicked off

The chimney of the old paper mill in Kangas neighbourhood was damaged and will be repaired during summer and autumn.

The work commenced on 16 June. According to the initial plan, the work will be finished at the end of October 2021. 

Jyväskylän Kangas
Kankaan asuinalue ilmasta kuvattuna

Progress report complete on the Resource Wise Jyväskylä 2040 program

The progress report gives an overview of the state of resource wisdom and the measures taken to promote it in Jyväskylä in 2020. Apart from progress monitoring, several of the most important resource wisdom decisions taken last year are highlighted. The City’s Resource Wisdom Team reports on the progress of the program annually. The City of Jyväskylä is committed to achieving the goals of resource wisdom – zero emissions, zero waste, and zero overconsumption – by 2040, with carbon neutrality by 2030 .

The Resource Wise Jyväskylä 2040 program is a compilation of the City’s key programs, roadmaps, and commitments that pertain to sustainable develop

resource wisdom
Aurinkoenergiaa kerätään talon katolle asennetuilla aurinkopaneeleilla.

‘The park has a small pond, over which brave children may slide on a zip wire’ – Children participated in city planning in Pupuhuhta

In March the children of the Kangasvuori daycare school participated in planning their own neighbourhood. They had been given the task of brainstorming the surroundings of Pupumuori, a large concrete statue, for example by writing, drawing, illustrating or even making scale models. The outputs will be utilized in the actual park planning.

The children became acquainted with the planning of the park in their own daily lives.

suburb programme
park planning
children friendly city
Lasten tekemä pienoismalli puistosuunnitelmasta

City of Jyväskylä celebrates its 184th birthday with remote events

On 22 March 2021, the City of Jyväskylä celebrates its 184th birthday. The traditional events of the Jyväskylä Days will be held this year largely remotely due the coronavirus situation.

Jyväskylä was originally founded by an estate owner, Major Carl Christian Rosenbröijer.

Jyväskylä Days

Linkki local transport services on Christmas and New Year 2020-21 

Holiday season brings some exceptions to the timetables and services of Linkki local traffic. 

School day shifts will not be operated 20.12.-6.1. In printed timetable booklet, school day shifts are marked with “Koulp” or “kp”.

public transport
new year
Joulutonttukoristeet Linkki-palvelupisteessä

Tourujoki renovation plan is presented in a 3D video

The construction plans for the renovation of the Tourujoki has been completed.

One of the biggest projects of Green Loop is the renovation of Tourujoki, which is going to be carried out in 2021.

Lapsi leikkii. Ihmiset istuu penkillä. Puita ja nurmea.

The OPEN Urban Environment

Jyväskylä’s architectural-, green- and participation policy, the OPEN Urban Environment, provides local aims regarding building activities and the environment and guides the planning practices applying to these. The policy principles include sustainable and interesting building activities, healthy residents and cosy environment. 

Avoin kaupunkiympäristön logo

Projects and programmes of urban planning

Programmes and projects guiding the development of urban structure

There are several programmes and projects of different types underlying the development of urban structure. The OPEN Urban Environment Policy creates the architectural-, green- and participation policy of its own in the City of Jyväskylä for the purpose of planning and building the urban environment. This policy provides aims for developing the built environment in Jyväskylä and guides the planning practices regarding these aims.

urban planning
Havainnekuva asuntoreformi 2018 kilpailun voittaneesta Kalonista

Maps and geographic data

Map products

The City of Jyväskylä provides and produces plenty of various map material that is available both in electronic and printed form. Some of the map material is free of charge and some requires paid permission to be published. It is also possible to order various kinds of theme- and customer-specific maps, according to need. 

map service
map link
viistokuva Mattilanniemestä

Architectural competitions and their significance in urban planning

An architectural competition provides a way to find quality and untraditional housing and building solutions. It enables several types and comparable solution options to be surveyed and new planning and implementation methods developed. An architectural completion can be organised, for example, by a city or a municipality, but also by a public entity, an unincorporated state enterprise or private companies. Architectural competitions can be either public, open for all or limited, based on invitations. 

Kankaan sydänkortteleiden arkkitehtuurikilpailu

Architecture in Jyväskylä

The capital city of Alvar Aalto

Jyväskylä is well-known for Alvar Aalto’s architecture. There are in all 29 buildings in the city and its surrounding areas designed by Aalto, of which the most significant is the Säynätsalo Town Hall. Other buildings designed by Aalto include, among other things, the Church of Muurame, the campus of the University of Jyväskylä and the Alvar Aalto Museum.

The Säynätsalo Town Hall

city planning

Building planning and construction of green areas

After a general plan for a park or a green area has been drawn up, the next stage will be building planning. Building planning is proceeding according to the completed general plan, but at a more detailed level. During this building planning stage, play equipment and the materials to be used are chosen, among other things, and plantings are specified.

Kiipeilyverkko ja talo

Planning of green area

General planning of green areas

General plans shall be drawn up alongside the local detailed plans, which cover not only green areas but also, for example, communications and rainwater management solutions. A general plan clarifies the green area reservations in the local detailed plans, their use, the level of building, care and maintenance, the necessary investments as well as the implementation, care and management responsibilities.

landscape planning
city planning
Istutuksia ja penkki pihakadulta

Traffic and street planning

Traffic planning refers to general planning with the purpose of creating guidelines for planning traffic routes in the urban region and for collecting information about the development of traffic flows.  Traffic planning is done simultaneously with the local detailed planning within the area. 

traffic planning
street planning
city planning
Autot parkissa Kauppakadulla

Contact information, Local master planning

Customer service, Local master planning

The Customer Service Point (Palvelupiste) Hallikainen
Telephone +358 14 266 0108
PL (PO Box) 233, 40101 Jyväskylä (Hannikaisenkatu 17, 1st floor)

Objections and opinions regarding the local master plans

The City Registry
City of Jyväskylä / Registry, PL (PO Box) 193, 40101 Jyväskylä (Visiting address Vapaudenkatu 32)
Telephone +358 14 266 0888

Kaavoituksen yhteystiedot

The process of a local master plan

The process of a local master plan consists of four different stages, just like the process of a local detailed plan too.
Drawing up a whole local master plan or amending a part thereof shall be initiated when the urban development or the need to steer land use so require.

In the initial stage, the plan

local master plan
city planning
Puita ja metsää

Local master plans

Planning refers to land use planning, which creates the preconditions for building activities. A local master plan provides a basis for how the urban structure will develop in the future regarding, for example, housing, workplaces, services, moving and recreational activities. A local master plan may be drawn up to apply to the whole city or to guide land use in a specified area.

Liikennettä Puistokadulla