Audience Development

Jyväskylä Sinfonia’s audience development aims to make the orchestra's work and its content more familiar for audience. Audience development enables audience to deepen its knowledge about music and the content of it.

Audience development also familiarizes new audience with orchestra's work and, in this way, enhances participation in concerts and all other events orchestra offers. In addition, audience development supports participation and accessibility for the groups that have left out from the activities for several reasons.

In year 2018 Jyväskylä Sinfonia’s audience development reached 8850 people.

Jyväskylä Sinfonia’s audience development consists of:

Read here what Jyväskylä Sinfonia offers for children and youth.

Open Dress Rehearsals

Jyväskylä Sinfonia offers for different groups an opportunity to come to follow dress rehearsals for free of charge. The dress rehearsals are interesting events to see how conductors and soloists are getting prepared for the evening's concert.
Because the dress rehearsals are extremely popular, each group can take part to them only once a season. The minimum size for a group is 10 people – unfortunately it is not possible to take in single visitors.

Open Dress Rehearsals start at 10 am and they last three hours. However, it is possible to exit during a pause (around 11.15 am).
If your group wants to visit a dress rehearsal, please contact us as early as possible after the publication of each season’s open rehearsals. You can enrol in by calling 014 266 4592 or by mail jkl.sinfonia [at]

Open dress rehearsals, spring 2019

8.5. Theatre and Circus, full! Exceptionally at 11 am.

Open dress rehearsals, autumn 2019

Bass clarinet at the Limelight

25.9.  At Low Frequencies

27.11. The Power of Two Orchestras Exceptionally at 1 pm.

Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist events give an opportunity to meet the performing artists and hear some thoughts they are having about the concert program and their musical work in general. The audience can also ask questions from the artists.
The events are organized on the concert evenings at the upper lobby in the theatre house at 6.15pm. Meet the Artists are free of charge. When having international artists, some parts of the interviews are held in English.
You are warmly welcome!

Meet the Artist, spring 2019

Wed 9.1. chief conductor Ville Matvejeff
Wed 6.2. electric bass guitar player Lauri Porra
Wed 6.3. Jaakko Kuusisto, the jury president of Juhani Heinonen violin competition
Wed 13.3. conductor Tomas Djupsjöbacka and recorder player Eero Saunamäki
Wed 8.5. conductor Eero Lehtimäki

Meet the Artist, autumn 2019

Wed 4.9. Chief Conductor Ville Matvejeff and composer Kalevi Aho                                                                       
Wed 11.9. conductor Eva Ollikainen                                                                                                             
Wed 25.9. Professor Atso Almila 
Wed 9.10. shakuhachi artist Tadashi Tajima
Wed 27.11. violinist Rebecca Roozeman and Kymi Sinfonietta's executive director Riikka Luostarinen
Wed 4.12. conductor Okko Kamu

Little Overtures

Time to time young music students come to delight concert audience with their playing. Little Overtures are organized on the concert evenings at the upper lobby in the theatre house at 6.30pm and they are free of charge.

Little Overtures, spring 2019

Wed 20.2. Violinist Hanna-Maria Tikka accompanies pianist András Szabó.

J.S. Bach: Sonata No. 1 for solo violin, Siciliano and Presto
P. Sarasate: Introduction and Tarantella

Wed 6.3. Young violinists Leea and  Aino Mattila accompanies Kazuyo Ueno-Mattila.

Aino Mattila, violin
A. Komarovski: Violin Concerto No. 2 in A-major, the first part

Leea Mattila, violin
T.A.Vitali: Chaconne

Wed 27.3. Music Campus' trumpet quartet: Linnea Ervasti, Tuomas Hovi, Atro Niemeläinen and Eemeli Virtanen.

Oskar Franz: Quartetto
Paul Koepke: Antic Promenade
Johannes Brahms: Roses

Wed 3.4. Young piano students Lilli Rainerma, Ellen Karhunen and Lilja Hautakangas from Gradia. Little Overtures are held exceptionally at 18.40. 

Lilli Rainerma and Ellen Karhunen, piano
Sauvo Puhtila: Siili menee lypsylle

Ellen Karhunen, piano
Jarkko Kantala: Flamingojen tanssitunti

Lilja Hautakangas, piano
Traditional Finnish folk song Huppatipolkka
Mike Schoenmehl: The Mermaid plays Harp

Wed 10.4. Gradia's young flute students Unni Järvenpää, Emilia Terho and Neela Nyman play as a trio following songs:

H. Klementti: Metsän laulajaiset
Trad. Kevätlinnuille
Trad. Scarborough Fair 

Wed 8.5. klo 18.30 
Gradia's students:

Aivi Salminen, piano
Brian Bonsor: Feelin´ Good

Louna Luiro, piano
Heino Kaski: Yö merenrannalla op. 34/1

Pop-up libraries

Few times a year Jyväskylä Sinfonia and Jyväskylä city library set up together pop-up libraries that offer easy access for concert audience to interesting books, audio materials and scores connected to a concert theme. It is possible to loan materials and get guidance from library informaticians.
Remember to take your library card and bag with you to following concerts:

Pop-up libraries, spring 2019

3.4. Tapio family concerts at 5.30 pm and 7 pm

Sinfonia on the Move

Every spring for one week Jyväskylä Sinfonia spreads happiness with mini chamber concerts around Jyväskylä. Sinfonia on the Move performances are held for example in libraries, shopping malls, nursery houses and hospitals.  All the performances are free of charge – stay tuned for the next Move week! In year 2019 Sinfonia on the Move is on week 20.


The Art Testers, Taidetestaajat, is the largest cultural project directed to young people in Finnish history. The Finnish Cultural Foundation will take three age groups of eighth-graders to art institutions. The first visits were made in September 2017, and the project will continue until May 2020. Including the teachers, the national campaign will reach almost 200,000 individuals. The aim is to provide young people an opportunity to experience art, also art to which many would not otherwise have access to.

Jyväskylä Sinfonia took a part to the Art Testers in year 2018 and in 2019 Jyväskylä Sinfonia is joining the project again.

More general info about The Art Testers in English:

Art and culture companions

Do you need a companion for a concert? Art and culture companions (ACC) are volunteers available for concerts, exhibitions, theatre shows, in order to provide low-threshold access to diverse cultural activities. Art and culture companions help make culture more accessible by accompanying people to events. Cultural activities such as enjoying music together at a concert, are known to boost your well-being. AAC volunteers are cultural ’ambassadors’ and provide recreational opportunities for everyone.

Further information:

Hanne Laitinen, Art and Culture Companion Coordinator
tel. +358 50 338 1114

or visit Cultural Services' web page.