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Jyväskylä City Council

In Finland local self-government is guaranteed by the constitution. The City Council is elected for four years in direct proportional elections by the residents of the city. The number of the councilors in the Jyväskylä City Council is 67 and they represent eight different parties.

decision making

Sport as a business

Jyväskylä has strong research and technology expertise and a good functional platform

Jyväskylä is one of the leading centers for expertise in sports in the Northern Europe and the most significant Finnish research organizations and academic education programs are concentrated in Jyväskylä. Exercise and health science expertise is globally recognized and of a high standard. The exercise and sports related markets are growing fast and physical activity is increasingly linked to wellness and health technology solutions.

Urheilijat satamassa

Exercise and sport events

Jyväskylä is a versatile and vibrant event city with 5000 events held every year. Various sport events have established their status in Jyväskylä and several Finnish and World Championship competitions from different sport-genres are held yearly in the city.

Annual events

Jyväskylä Ski Marathon
The Euroloppet-divisions skiing event in the great terrain of Jyväskylä presents challenges for racers and excitement and experiences for fitness skiers.

Jyväskylä moves you

People in Jyväskylä are active exercisers. One third of the adult population moves at least 4-6 times a week. Regular exercise has beneficial effects on your overall health and well-being.

capital of sport

Competitive sports and training

Jyväskylä has long and successful traditions in competitive sports. Over the years, Finnish champions, European champions, World champions and Olympic winners have come from Jyväskylä. To this day, Jyväskylä’s athletes and sports clubs are successful both nationally and internationally.

There are about 220 sports clubs in Jyväskylä, many of which are also engaged in competitive sports. In the main league level, there are groups from over ten different sport-genres. In addition to competitive sports, individual sports are also yielding strong success stories. 

capital of sport
Voimistelijatyttö hyppää korkealle kesämaisemassa.

Exceptions in opening hours for sports services

Ascension Day

Ascension Day 30.5.

  • Administration closed
  • AaltoAlvari open 10.00-18.00
  • Wellamo open 10.00-17.30
  • Community center is closed
  • Hipposhalli closed
  • Training ice rink closed
  • Competition ice rink closed
  • Baseball stadium is closed
  • Harju Stadium, Viitaniemi, Vehkahalli, Jyskä and Palokka are open normally


Eve’s eve of Midsummer 20.6.

  • AaltoAlvari open 6-15


Sports Facilities

Temporary exhibitions 2019

Exhibitions of 2019

Exhibitions of 2019 in the Craft Museum of Finland explore the possibilities of materials and the relationship with nature. 

The atmosphere of the exhibition year 2019 in the Craft Museum of Finland is international. Different exhibitions present the possibilities of materials, ponder the future and dive into the Finnish relationship with nature. Ancient handicraft techniques, carefully made works with strong identities as well as humorous objects are seen during the year. 

Kenneth Rasmussen massiivineuloksensa parissa Bitfrost-ateljeessa. Kuva: Bitfrost.

Connecting Provincial Workshops and International Printmakers


A group of 19 international artists coming from Sweden, Norway and Portugal are connecting with Finland through a contemporary printmaking exhibition project to be presented at Galleria Ratamo, with opening on the 2nd of May at 17h. Besides this exhibition, a polyester workshop will be also given by one of the participating artists, Naoji Ishiyama. This 3rd exhibition of the project Connecting Provincial Workshops and International Printmakers happens with the support from Jukka Partanen, the Curator of the Art Museum of Jyväskylä and Swedish – Finnish Foundation.

Galleria Ratamo
Galleria Ratamon näyttely, Connecting...

Caj Bremer, World of Dreams


Caj Bremer’s ”World of Dreams” series (2015–) is shown at Gallery Ratamo. About this 30-image series, the artist explains: The idea for the images in World of Dreams came about when there was a partial eclipse of the sun in 2015. I didn’t have much time to photograph the eclipse. Or to figure out how. I found a solution and after seeing the result, I decided to continue. That is how ”World of Dreams” began.

Centre for Creative Photography
ratamon näyttely, caj bremer

Säynätsalo townhall

Säynätsalo Town Hall is one of architect Alvar Aalto’s most significant works. It enjoys a position all of its own in the history of modern architecture. Säynätsalo town hall is a building with many functions: municipal administration (until 1993), library, residential spaces, business premises and guest rooms. Aalto designed the town hall as a complete work of art, and this can be seen in the details and in the furniture designed specifically for the building.

Alvar Aalto
Alvar Aallon Säynätsalon kunnantalo kesällä.

Emma Ainala, Dear Ambiguity


Emma Ainala offers a view into a world in which young women play the main role.  The women perform as if on stage with an array of draped fabrics and an abundance of  goods, or surrounded by water and luscious nature. Their regard is focused on the viewer or just beyond, the faces might have more than two eyes, looking through a mask. Their bodies are twisted into many positions – one woman stands on her head, another stretches like an acrobat and a third sits in lotus position. Who are these woman, and in which mythology do they live? 

Jyväskylä Art Museum
Emma Ainala Tarantula 2019

The Other Nature of Ceramics 18.5.–8.12.2019

Ville Heimala ∙ Katri-Maria Huhtakallio ∙ Aura Kajas ∙ Tiia Matikainen ∙ Lotta Mattila

We tend to have a great desire to compare our qualities and characteristics with animals. The five sculptors of The Other Nature of Ceramics exhibition bring out their personal relationship with nature and art making as well as tell about their thoughts behind their works. They observe the surrounding nature and interpret it sculpturally through ceramics. 

Ville Heimala, Metsän elementit: Olennot, 2017. Keramiikkateos.

European Elections 2019

In Finland the elections to the European Parliament (European Elections) will be held on Sunday 26 May 2019. In the European Elections you can vote either on election day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. or in advance during the advance voting period.

Voting in advance

The advance voting is taken place between 15.-21. May 2019.

European elections
polling stations
Jyväsjärvi sinisessä maisemassa.

Handicraft techinques used in national costumes

National costumes are made and used by women and men of all ages, including professionals in the field of national costumes as well as individuals who are interested in particular costumes or making handicrafts.

Suomen käsityön museo
Suomen kansallispukukeskus
Kokka on yksi kansallispukuihin kuuluvista koruista.

National Bike Week 4–12 May 2019

National Cycling Week will be bringing an exciting programme of free public events for cyclists of all ages at the beginning of May. More than 50 events will be taking place across the week.

National Cycling Week is organized in Jyväskylä for the 17th time.

Pyöräilyviikon tapahtuma keskustassa 2018. Kuva Touho Häkkinen.

Apply to children and young people’s basic art education by 15 May 2019

The basic art education curriculum, offered to all children and young people under the age of 18, covers architecture, fine art, music, drama and word art. Tuition is provided at sites across Jyväskylä, the exact location depends on the subject being taught and the attendees’ age.

The basic art education curriculum, offered to all children and young people under the age of 18, covers architecture, fine art, music, drama and w

basic education
Adult Education Centre
Lapset taiteen perusopetuksessa

Services for immigrants

Integration of immigrants is taken care of by state, municipalities, educational institutions, churches and associations. According to the Finnish law municipalities coordinate migrant intregration work at the local level. An integration programme (kotouttamisohjelma) has been drawn up  in Jyväskylä.

Erilaiset kädet yhdessä

Jyväskylän sydän - the heart of Jyväskylä

The Heart of Jyväskylä Development Project presents optional locations for cultural and art institutions

The project is looking into various scenarios regarding the type of activities and locations. It aims at developing the operations of the City Theatre, Symphony Orchestra, City Art Museum, Finnish Handicrafts Museum, City Library and Adult Education Centre in terms of activities, premises and facilities.

Jyväskylän Sydän
Jyväskylä City Theatre
Symphony Orchestra
City Art Museum
Finnish Handicrafts Museum
Jyväskylä City Library
Adult Education Centre

Jyväskylä Days

Cancelled: Jyväskylän päivät wishes everyone welcome to celebrate 183 years old Jyväskylä!

This year’s Jyväskylä Days will run from 16–22 March with a busy programme of events taking place across the city. The main celebration on 21 March is open to all and will take place at the  Forum Shopping Centre. Celebrations to mark Jyväskylä’s 183rd birthday will be taking place 16–22 March. With a programme involving lots of free events and birthday deals for everyone from babies to grandparents, the festive week is a chance to rediscover your home city and what it has to offer.

jyväskylän päivät