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City of Jyväskylä coronavirus recommendations extended until 17 January 2021

On 17 December The Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland issued an order that the number of participants in public events should be limited to 10 people as of 22 December. The order is valid until 17 January 2021. The order has an impact on the City of Jyväskylä's operations.

The performances of the Jyväskylä City Theatre and Jyväskylä Sinfonia are cancelled until 17 January 2021.

Kaksi naista maskit kasvoillaan ostoskeskuksessa. Image Sami Lamminaho

City of Jyväskylä prohibits the public from attending match and competition events at its own venues until 21 December 2020, the performances of the Jyväskylä Sinfonia and the City theatre will be cancelled

The ban is due to the worsening coronavirus situation and the decision issued yesterday by the Regional State Administrative Agency to limit the number of participants in public events.

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inner Finland prohibits indoor and outdoor public events and general meetings attended by m

Koronanäyteputkilot pöydällä. Image Jaana Pinson

The corona infection numbers in the City of Jyväskylä are still declining – yet 6 infections in the long-term care ward in Keljo

During the week 44 27 infections were discovered, whereas during the week 43 55 infections were diagnosed and in the week 42 there were as many as 108 infections. Even though the infection numbers were declining, the emergency management team of the City of Jyväskylä were concerned about the fact that altogether 6 infections were discovered at the weekend in the long-term care ward in Keljo.

The City highlights that you only should visit the housing units of the aged people and services for disabled persons when you are completely healt

Käsidesiä ja kasvomaskeja. Image Outi Kaakkuri

Omaolo-service includes a corona symptom assessment also in English

Omaolo-service includes a corona symptom assessment not only in Finnish and Swedish but also in English. The Koronavilkku-application will get an updated English version probably during the week 41.

By using the Omaolo symptom assessment the user receives the recommendation for how to deal with the situation guiding to the medical treatment.

Koronanäytteenottoa keskussairaalan Showroomin autokaistalla. Image Outi Kaakkuri

Jyväskylä gives an extensive mask recommendation to its residents over the age of 15 for two weeks - masks must always be worn in all indoor public places as well as at public events.

The city also appeals to student organisations to further postpone student events. Jyväskylä recommends extensive use of face masks to all its residents over the age of 15 during the next two weeks. The reason is the growing number of Covid-19 infections in Jyväskylä and the estimate that an acceleration phase of the disease is underway in Jyväskylä.

During this week, there have already been 37 positive test results in the Jyväskylä health services (the situation on 24 September). The incidence

Naisella ja miehellä kasvomaskit linja-autossa. Image Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen

The city libraries close their doors temporarily

The city libraries are closed as a measure to prevent the spread of the corona virus. The closure lasts until 13.4.

The closure als

corona virus
Jyväskylä City Library
Jyväskylän pääkirjasto-kansalaisopistotalo. Image Jenna Oksanen

City of Jyväskylä establishes infection reception at each health centre

Patients with mild symptoms who don't need hospital care will not be tested for coronavirus.

On Friday 13 March, the Central Finland Hospital District announced that the demand for coronavirus sampling exceeds iCentral finland Hospital Dist