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The City of Jyväskylä welcomes new university students to Jyväskylä by inviting them to a reception.
Yleisurheilija Elmo Lakka haastateltavana lavalla. Image Varpu Autere

This autumn, Jyväskylä is trying a new way to welcome new university students to the city. The students have been invited to a reception at the City Hall. The receptions are a token of appreciation for the students. They are a way of showing how important students are to the city.

There will be two receptions, the first of which was held yesterday, 3 October, in Finnish. The second will be in English on 11.10. A maximum of 150 people will be admitted to each event.

Tarjoilupöytä vastaanotolla. Image Varpu Autere

The reception in the City Hall Ballroom will consist of a greeting from the Mayor, an interview section and a buffet.

Mayor Timo Koivisto opened the first event by welcoming the new students to their city of study and reminding them of the importance of students to the city and its growth.

Elmo Lakka, athlete and recent Master of Sports Science (LitM), was interviewed in Finnish and talked about the sports opportunities in Jyväskylä and how he has managed to combine competitive sports and academic studies.

On 11 October, the English-language event will feature an interview with Saeedeh Kholghi, an MBA recently graduated from Jamk, who is currently on work experience at the City of Jyväskylä.