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Take advantage of Linkki's season special offer and also free rides to the City of Light event!
Linkki Kuokkalan sillalla. Image Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen

Linkki's Flash of Light offer 29.09.- 08.10.2022

30-day season tickets with - 50% discount, buy your discounted ticket from:

  • Linkki service points
  • Waltti stores 
  • Waltti mobile app
  • R-kiosks

Examples of Flash of Light offer prices:

  • Child (under 17yo) ticket, Zone 1, 13,50 €
  • Young (17-24yo)/student/senior (over 65yo) ticket, Zone 1, 19,00 €
  • Adult ticket, Zone 1, 27,00 €

The season ticket can be added to a rechargeable transportation card from Waltti. The Waltti card is purchased as a child, youth, student, or adult personal ticket for travel zones 1–4. With a season ticket, you can make an unlimited number of trips during the ticket's validity period. The season starts from the first time the ticket is used by the Linkki's card reader 

The offer does not apply to:

  • Linkki’s longer seasonal tickets (90, 180 and 365 days)
  • School travel tickets supported by Kela (14 and 30 days)
  • Single, daily, and value tickets

The season ticket can be purchased either for the Waltti transportation card or for the Waltti mobile application. The Waltti transportation card can have two season tickets at the same time, one in use and the other waiting. The next season starts when the previous season ticket is fully used. There is an exception for the season ticket in the mobile app. The exception is the mobile season ticket, which comes into effect immediately from the moment of purchase and whose implementation cannot be postponed to a later date.

With the season ticket of the Waltti transportation card, you can travel on Linkki's local lines 1–13 and 14–42 in Jyväskylä, Laukaa, and Muurame. The Waltti transportation card is also acceptable by Linkki-VIP service and by the regional Waltti cars in Jyväskylä, Laukaa, and Muurame. With a mobile season ticket, you cannot travel on regional transport buses.

Linkki free rides are available during the City of Light opening weekend 29.09- 01.10. 

Linkki local buses are free to use in the City of Light's evening from 29.09 to 01.10. You can travel free of charge on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 18:00 to 00:00. Free transportation applies to lines 1–13 and 14–42 of the green Linkki local transports in Jyväskylä, Laukaa, and Muurame.

Extra cars are arranged for Friday and Saturday evenings based on the stimated demands. Even additional cars might not solve the momentary congestion and delays, so you should be prepared for delays and crowded atomosphere in Linkki. 

Non-stop rides between citycenter and Mattilanniemi

Free non-stop service runs every 15 minutes from Jyväskylä citycenter to Mattilanniemi on Friday 30.09. and Saturday 01.10. from 19:00 to 22:45.

The non-stop route Asemakatu/ Keskusta has 6 stops (Hannikaisenkatu–Mattilanniemi–Hannikaisenkatu–Väinönkatu–Vapaudenkatu–Asemakatu). You can board from all the stops along the route.

Practical travel tips

Drivers do their best to get the passengers to their destination, but the flexible attitude of the customers also needed in the exceptional situation. If there is an important event in the City of Light which doesn’t allow you flexibility, it is efficient to consider a backup plan in advance, e.g. leave early enough.

One or two prams or strollers can fit in one car at a time. The place for the strollers are in the middle part of the car. If the stroller space in the middle section is full, no more stroller can be taken on board. It must be possible to ensure the safety andconvenient of passengers during aboarding, even in traffic.

If you have flu symptoms, please avoid traveling by public transportation: Using public transport while being sick or having flu symptoms is still not recommended.

Take your warm clothes with you. So the cold weather won't surprise you, even if Linkki arrives late. You should equiped yourself with reflectors for the dark hours of the evening. It is important to be visible at the bus stops and in the traffic. A convenient tool for checking the Linkki schedule is the electronic timetable and route guide at 

More information: Service Manager, Kari Ström, Mobile: +358 50 60943, kari.strom[a]