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In the autumn and winter to come, wise use of energy is even more important than before. The City of Jyväskylä will encourage its residents to save energy and to opt for sustainability in their everyday life by launching a communication campaign that will last the entire autumn and winter season. The campaign contents will be available as texts, images, videos, and podcasts too. Join in and contribute to a sustainable living in Jyväskylä!

The themes of the communication campaign focus on Jyväskylä and its residents 

The communication campaign is based on a series of many-sided articles about practical tips to residents for saving energy. The articles provide ideas e.g. for monitoring energy consumption, for efficient wood-burning, and for energy-efficient solutions to use in one’s own home. 

– Our main theme is Jyväskylä and its residents. We focus on a local approach in communication – that is, on what we already do about it in the city and on what there is precisely in Jyväskylä that saves energy, says Communications Director Emmi Palokangas to provide background.  

As a resource-wise city, Jyväskylä has engaged in a long-time effort to use natural resources, raw materials, and energy in a sustainable and well-thought-out manner.  

– Resource-wiseness permeates every aspect of the city’s activities and divisions from procurement to planning and from mobility to use of facilities, the city’s Environmental Director Päivi Pietarinen states.  

The articles also deal with the work done in and by the city to enhance energy efficiency e.g. by using artificial intelligence and building automation to direct real estate towards reasonable and economical use of energy or by putting solar energy to good use on the roofs of schools and day care centres.  

The podcasts take a deeper look into themes related to energy and saving it. Experts in the field get to voice their opinions on subjects like research on renewable energy, future forms of energy, sustainable mobility, and energy-efficient repair and new construction.   

Tips for saving energy will also be seen in videos. Additionally, the city’s social media channels will publish easy and timely everyday tips for healing, sustainable mobility, and recycling in the hope of awakening people to consider the sustainable living of their own households.  

– Some of the articles will be published in English, and the podcasts and videos will have subtitles so that they serve our residents as widely as possible, Palokangas sums up.   

We challenge residents to join in 

During the campaign, residents, housing companies, and communities are challenged to join in saving energy. There will be fun things to do together and inspiring examples that contribute to encourage all of use to take care of our environment and well-being without destroying nature.  

– Saving energy is a common cause for all of us and more actual than ever this winter. This is why we wish to offer our residents not only ideas but also a possibility to share good tips of their own. So it is a good idea to keep up with the city’s communication, says Palokangas by way of an exhortation. 

Down by a Degree in all of Finland 

The City of Jyväskylä takes also part in the national Down by a Degree campaign that encourages all Finns to take quick and concrete energy-saving measures because of the energy crisis. Apart from that, the city is involved with other municipalities of the region in the All of Central Finland Saves Energy campaign coordinated by the Regional Council of Central Finland. 


Sustainable living springs forth from the strategy of a resource-wise city Jyväskylä uses energy wisely. This winter, this is more topical than ever. It is part of the sustainable living of the City of Jyväskylä that has declared itself resource wisdom in its strategy.  

In Jyväskylä, sustainable living means actions. It means taking care of our environment and well-being together. We use energy in a reasonable manner, and our facilities can be put to many uses. Moving smartly is easy in our compact city. We consume less and recycle efficiently. Nature experiences are found nearby.  

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