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The progress report gives an overview of the state of resource wisdom and the measures taken to promote it in Jyväskylä in 2020. Apart from progress monitoring, several of the most important resource wisdom decisions taken last year are highlighted. The City’s Resource Wisdom Team reports on the progress of the program annually. The City of Jyväskylä is committed to achieving the goals of resource wisdom – zero emissions, zero waste, and zero overconsumption – by 2040, with carbon neutrality by 2030 .
Aurinkoenergiaa kerätään talon katolle asennetuilla aurinkopaneeleilla.

The Resource Wise Jyväskylä 2040 program is a compilation of the City’s key programs, roadmaps, and commitments that pertain to sustainable development and resource wisdom. The program is broadly divided into seven themes, each composed of goals and indicators to measure progress towards them. An associated plan of action lists measures designed to help accomplish those goals. 

Greenhouse gas emissions have decreased 

The progress report is composed of two sections. The first section consists of a brief description of the origins of the resource wisdom concept and relates the local, national, and international cooperative networks being built to promote resource wisdom. It also summarizes the city’s commitments and some of the most important related projects. 

The first section also details the regional key indicators used to monitor the accomplishment of the resource wisdom goals and recalls the progress made in previous years. Greenhouse gas emissions have consistently decreased since 2010. During three years of monitoring, material wastage has increased slightly, and the City’s ecological footprint is relatively even with the previous calculation. The share of Jyväskylä inhabitants who feel their quality of life is good has increased from previous surveys, exceeding the average share of Central Finland inhabitants and that of all Finns.

The share of renewable energy sources has increased

The second section of the progress report encompasses a monitoring report on the thematic objectives as well as lists practical resource wisdom measures taken over the report year 2020. The share of renewable energy sources in local energy generation rose to nearly 60 per cent. There is still a way to go to the program goal of 80 per cent, but during this report year, Alva Ltd launched its roadmap project to set out a plan for carbon neutrality by 2030. Jyväskylä is part of the Energy Efficiency Agreement for the Municipal Sector. Its energy saving goal of -7.5 per cent over 2017–2025 was met during 2020.

The urban structure of Jyväskylä is becoming more compact, with construction focused on where access to public transportation is best. In 2020, 120,000 inhabitants – about 85 per cent of the population – lived in an area with a high level of public transit access. Several renovations of the road and pathway network improved conditions for walking and bicycling. Smart commuting was promoted within the City’s organization through bicycle maintenance meetings, public transportation benefits, and other measures. 

The City prepared to organize the separate collection of plastic packaging waste, and conducted several experiments as part of the CIRCWASTE projects, all in order to promote the recycling of materials and prevent the creation of waste. The guidelines for acquisitions by the City organization were rewritten in 2020, with resource wisdom selected as one of the focuses. 

67 per cent of the classified lakes and 33 per cent of the rivers within the territory of Jyväskylä are in a “good” or better ecological condition. The ecological condition of Lake Tuomiojärvi improved from “satisfactory” to “good”. 

Resource wisdom was also promoted over 2020 through environmental education and awareness-raising in daycare centres, schools, and institutes of learning.

More information: 

- resource wisdom: Environmental Director Päivi Pietarinen, tel. 050 526 0436, paivi.pietarinen[at]
- progress report: Environmental Specialist Veli-Heikki Vänttinen, tel. 050 311 8853, veli-heikki.vanttinen[at]
- Resurssiviisas Jyväskylä 2040 -ohjelman seurantaraportti 2020