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Nearly 150 people have been ordered to quarantine from 4 and 5 April due to possible exposure to the coronavirus at Kuokkala Comprehensive School. The chain of transmission in question was uncovered during Easter. After an intensive tracing and calling operation the families of all pupils thought to have been exposed have now been reached. All those exposed will be directed to coronavirus testing.

Hoitaja suojavarusteissa valmistelee koronanäytteenottoa

Individual infections related to one chain of transmission were found simultaneously in several different classes of the Kuokkala Comprehensive School, explaining the large number of exposures. However, no large new cluster of infections has been observed in Jyväskylä, and the infections detected in Kuokkala were already included in last week’s statistics. 

Despite the broad quarantines, the overall situation in Jyväskylä remains under control

Even mild symptoms should always be cause to get tested to keep the coronavirus situation under control. The symptoms of children and youth should also be carefully monitored, and tests taken if even minor symptoms appear. No one should attend school or daycare unless fully healthy, says city deputy chief physician Eila Heinonen

Quarantine is a precaution to prevent the spread of a potential infection  

Quarantine applies only to those people who may, in the estimation of the health care authorities, have been exposed to the coronavirus. The health care services have issued instructions on when and how health services should be contacted if symptoms appear. If a person remains healthy throughout their quarantine, the length of the quarantine is 14 days from the last possible date of exposure. Children and youth not quarantined may come to school when healthy.

A quarantine means restrictions based on the freedom of movement of a healthy person, owing to the fact that some infectious diseases may be transmissible even before actual symptoms appear. A quarantine serves to prevent the spread of the infection to other people. A quarantine is a precaution to limit movement until it is known if exposure to the virus has resulted in an infection, and until a possible chain of transmission has been cut. Therefore it is possible for a family to experience a situation where only one family member is quarantined.    

More information:
- Service Director, Basic Education, Tuija Rasinen, tel. 050 517 1832