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Ylikapellimestari Ville Matvejeff. Image Jiri Halttunen
Please acquaint yourself with our safety instructions before arriving at concerts.

Stay at home if ill

Please stay at home if you have any symptoms of flu. If you feel yourself sick, stay at home and contact via phone the city theatre ticket office (tel. 014 266 0110) to change your ticket. You can change your concert ticket without refund on the day before the concert at the latest.

You can buy concert tickets from the web store. If you prefer buying tickets from the city theatre ticket office, we recommend paying by card. Please keep your contact information updated so that we can contact you if possible coronavirus exposure happens.

Arrive on time

The doors to the concert hall will be opened 20 minutes before the concert begins to avoid any rush. Altogether, we have 550 seats in the concert hall in the theatre. 

Please note that it is not allowed to change the seat on your own. It is important that you take the seat that is marked on your ticket. Leaving the concert hall is done row by row as instructed by the staff.

Due to the safety arrangements, entering and moving in the theatre might take more time than normally. Thus, please reserve enough time for arriving at the concert. 

The tickets will be checked exceptionally already downstairs when entering the stairs.

Remember the safety distance

Please keep a sufficient safety distance to other customers. Pay special attention to safety distances when queueing in the concert hall and toilets. 

The cloakroom fee 

The cloakroom fee at the Jyväskylä City Theatre concerts is included in the concert ticket fee from now on.

Please notify that the seat number in your ticket shows also your cloakroom place. Therefore, keep your ticket with you during the whole concert evening.

Concert programs

You can buy the concert program only by card or with exact change (2 €). There will be recording sale during the concerts. 

Take care of hygiene

You will find hand sanitizer dispensers at many spots in the theatre. Washing your hands with soap and water is also possible in all toilets. The cleaning has been intensified, and between the evening concerts the surfaces will be disinfected.  

We follow the official recommendation related to face masks. 

Interval service

If you want to enjoy refreshments before the concert, we recommend to order the service beforehand at Sodexo web store. The service will be set ready to the table, and table number will be sent to you beforehand by email. You can also buy coffee or refreshments on the spot.

Have an enjoyable concert evening!

These instructions are valid until further notice.