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Patients with mild symptoms who don't need hospital care will not be tested for coronavirus.

On Friday 13 March, the Central Finland Hospital District announced that the demand for coronavirus sampling exceeds iCentral finland Hospital District's resources.

From now on, mild cases will no longer be tested for coronavirus. In mild cases, stay at home and follow the normal home care instructions, which are the same as with all flu infections: rest, drink plenty of fluids and take a painkiller from your home pharmacy if necessary.

If you are no longer able to cope with home treatment or if you are having serious symptoms such as shortness of breath or high fever, on weekdays call  tel. +358 14 266 0133. Att all other times, please call the helpline tel. 116 117. 

It is very important that patients call this number first in order to receive personal advice and to avoid spereading of the virus.