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Kokka on yksi kansallispukuihin kuuluvista koruista.

National Costume is an  ensemble

As a whole, the national costumes form an ensemble that consist of several layers of clothes and accessories.  The national costume includes certain parts of clothing, headgear, shoes and jewelry. Thus, it is advisable to know what different parts of the costume, which belong together and how to wear them.
More of this information is available from national costume manufacturers and the National Costume Center of Finland.

National costumes are made and used by women and men of all ages, including professionals in the field of national costumes as well as individuals who are interested in particular costumes or making handicrafts.

Making national costumes requires a versatile familiarity with handicrafts. In Finland, there are private professionals specializing in the manufacture of national costumes, fabric weavers, manufacturers of costumes and costume parts and jewelry. Costume manufacturers and teachers of national costume courses are important part of a continuation of tradition of costume making.

These videos were shoot as a part of the Finnish National Costume exhibition that was on display at the Craft Museum of Finland 20.5.–3.12.2017. 
Video and editing: Ronan Browne/Full Focus Media


Handicraft techinques used in national costumes part 1: Embroidery of tykkimyssy cap.