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    Coronavirus vaccinations for Jyväskylä, Hankasalmi, and Uurainen inhabitants. Week 38: over-12 year olds can get their first coronavirusvaccination without an appointment at a pop-up vaccination station: on Tuesday at Gradia, on Wednesday at Jamk and on Friday at the university. You will get an appointment for the second vaccination when receiving the first dose. You can get the second dose earlier by calling the coronavirus vaccination service number + 358 14 266 1472 or by arriving at Kuokkala walk-in vaccination station during week 38. At least six weeks period is required between the doses.
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    Lasten tekemä pienoismalli puistosuunnitelmasta
    Children as city planners
    In March the children of the Kangasvuori daycare school participated in planning their own neighbourhood. They had been given the task of brainstorming the surroundings of Pupumuori, a large concrete statue, for example by writing, drawing, illustrating or even making scale models. The outputs will be utilized in the actual park planning.
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    Kasvomaskit kuivumassa pyykkinarulla
    Coronavirus restrictions are being lifted in Jyväskylä
    The number of coronavirus infections in Jyväskylä has remained stable. Last week, 12 new infections were detected, the same as the 12 infections over the previous week. In Week 19, 8 infections were detected. The incidence rate in the city is now 15.6 cases per 100,000 population.