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Children and Youth

The orchestra offers for pupils and students a fine possibility to enjoy music and become acquainted with the orchestra in different occasions. There are free dress rehearsals, group prices for concerts, and interesting school visits on offer. Please choose the most attractive alternative and come to listen to live music!

Free Dress Rehearsals

School children groups can attend the dress rehearsals free of charge on the following days: 12.9., 10.10. and 28.11. in Jyväskylä City Theatre at 10-13 am. Please, reservations in good time.

Group Price for Pupils

Group price for school children and student groups for the concerts on the following days: 5.9. (at 12), 19.9., 3.10. (at 12), 6.10 and 21.11. (at 12). The price is 5 €/pupil (a group of min. 10 pupils). The amount of tickets is restricted.

Student Prices

Student price for concerts is 12 €.
With Euro<26-Card the usual student price

Contact Information

Reservations for dress rehearsals and group price tickets, orders for school visit, and more information tel. 014 266 4592, e-mail: jkl.sinfonia [at]

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